Most of these originals have either sold, or are being showcased by galleries.  However, they are all available as limited edition prints.

The originals vary in size, and are constructed using original photos by Ketna, painted over and collaged with mixed media, and then finished using a thick, transparent, shiny laquer.  The overall composition has been likened to a ‘frozen’ timeshot of street life in Asia.  The Artworks are composed thematically, e.g Architecture, Street Food, Signage, Doorways, Transportation, People etc.

These are the most popular artworks in the studio, and the originals sell out extremely fast.  We have therefore, after many requests over the years, introduced for the first time in Nov 2014, limited edition prints.  Please email for more info.

For postage to any international destination, please add S $ 50 to the price.

NEW PRICES TAKE EFFECT FROM 27TH DEC 2014.  ANY ORDERS BEFORE WILL BE AT THE ‘OLD’ ARTIST PRICES (which have remained unchanged for the last 8 years!)


‘Aina Mahal’

300 bpi lr - 3.5 height  150610

‘Asian Superheroes’Asia Dreaming (portraits) 75 W x 100 H cm

‘Asia’s Iron ladies’Asia's Iron ladies 75 W x 100 H cm

‘Beware of God’Beware of God 95 W x 125 H cm

‘Dhamma House’Dhamma House 70 W x 60 H cm

‘Horn O.K Please’Horn Please transport 90 W x 60 H cm

‘Lai Ming Hotel’Lai Ming Hotel 80 W x 105 H cm

‘Nasi Putih Ayam Goreng’Nasi Putih 70 W x 80 H cm

‘No admittance to the East’No admittance to the east (signage) landscape

‘Past Perfect Antique House’Past perfect antique house rajasthan 60 W x 75 H cm

‘Proud to be Indian’Proud to be indian 6x6 windows 115 x 145 cm

One thought on “COLLAGES

  1. Hi Ketna aunty,

    My name is Bela Sharma, I am Ashu and Nalini’s daughter and I live in Nairobi.
    I went to Uncle Keval and Neelum masi’s house and saw one of your collage art work (The Doors of India), I love art and was inspired by it and I want to try something like it.

    Although Uncle Keval told me that to lacquer the paintings you need a special machine that heats up, when I did some research on lacquering on-line a type of varnish was used with no machine. I was wondering how you lacquered your collages.

    I also really love your paintings, especially the Tears of Milk, The Key and Pranayama. I have used acrylic, oils, watercolour and oil pastels on canvas but I want to try out this new mixed medium collage.

    Thank you

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