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All ‘original’ artwork by Ketna is available as an affordable ‘derivative’ either as a limited edition print or acrylic diasec.

Limited Edition Acrylic Screenprints (DIASECS) are also available in 100 x 100 cm (S $ 4500) for the square compositions, or 75 x 100 cm (S $ 3900) for rectangular compositions. There are 10 EDITIONS FOR EACH ARTWORK.  Please email for more info.  Her Singapore mobile is +65 92469258.


For postage to any international destination, please add S $ 80 to the above prices.

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Asia POP! is about all things Asian. Forging ahead is an inevitable new Asian identity that is plural, never singular, and joyfully complex. ‘Asia Pop’ Compositions are derived from the juxtaposition of a myriad of Asian popular cultures.  I hope these reflect the spirit of how we are all interacting with each other, and how our collective histories and commonalities are coming together in new ways. It is my hope that this ongoing project can help us visualize  a very live conversation that is taking place every single second of the day the ‘first world’ and the ‘third world’; the under-stimulated and the over stimulated parts the world; between ‘Chinese’ and ‘Indian’, ‘you’ and ‘me’, ‘him’ and ‘her’……

ASIA POP is a two way conversation that happens on the streets of Asia. What do ordinary people look like, what do they wear, what are their aspirations, what songs do they sing, how do they earn a living, what do they think of the outside world, how do they relate to tourists etc……

ASIA POP grapples to understand a new culture that emerges as the fallout from globalization and the new modern/urban. It casts recent emergent ideas over old traditions, culture, outlook and relationships, and either overturns conventional notions or reveals the tensions underlying the fusion of old and new.

New Artwork

BREXIT COLLECTION:  Selling Britain by the Pound


BREXIT COLLECTION: Introducing Brexit!

BREXIT COLLECTION: Selling Britain by the Pound!




EYES ON TSUM (Nepal inspired)

Sunset on the British Empire flat small

New Artwork: ‘Mad Men’ (2014)Mad Men pastel flat

New Artwork: ‘Fancy that of London’ (2014)Fancy that of London

New Artwork: ‘Pound Saver Royal Wedding’ (2014)Royal Wedding

Wayang Street

Uncle Auntie

This Way To Dharmsala

The Story Of 3 Loves

The Return Of The Dragon

The Chinese Century

Taste Me to Believe


Rosy China

Private Rojak Korner

Prayer and Pleasure

Please Do Not Touch the Buddha

Pipe Dreams

Old Man Brand New Singapore

No Poster Allowed

No Free Entry

No Entry for Tourists

Nasi Boboko

Mr And Mrs Asia

Milky Way Man

Married In Singapore

Made In Singapore

Love In Bombay

Kacang Merah

Indochine Romance

India Discovers China

I Love Hero But Hate The War

I Am A Goddess

Halo Monks

Groom Showroom

Give and Receive

Frisky Sin

Uncle, Uncle

Forgotten Flowers

Fine Salt

Fading Asia

Burnt Coconut

Drive Slowly Village Ahead

Divine Faith

China Cool-ie

China Blossom

Chalo Asia

Bollywood Guide

Blow Horn O.K. Please

Being Confucius

Be A Good Student

Music Thief

Back To New Asia

Asians In Shade

Asian Grandfathers

Asian Dream Time

Asian Crossword

Asia Tailor-made

Asia Bagus

Animal Farm

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  1. Hi
    I came across your art at the India Art Fair in Delhi and loved it! I would like to get a print of the Story of 3 Loves (2 Ustad). I live in London. Could you please let me know I that’s possible and how much it would cost.


    • Hi Ashwin, Apologies for the late reply. Completely missed your note – I am in the process of re-configuring my website so I can get my corresspondance into my inbox directly! Could you kindly email me on or call me on 07982654310 (stanmore, london, which is where I live) so that I can give you all the choices with different sizes and price points. Hope this is not too late……Smiles, Ketna

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