The Club Showroom is a fresh new shopping experience that happens in Singapore, once a month, showcasing independent fashion and accessories labels from around the world.

The Club Showroom was started by two independent designers Tui Sang and Simone Irani who both have their own fashion labels. They wanted a space where they could showcase their designs as well as other independent labels that are not readily available in Singapore.

They have started monthly shopping events known as the “Club Showroom” which are hugely popular one day shopping events with extend

ed hours specifically for the professional woman. They want people to come and experience shopping in a fun, relaxed atmosphere without the formality of a shop. Further the emphasis is on a high turnover of styles every month to always offer something new.

The idea behind the concept is to move away from the conventional method of buying which is merely anticipating the clients’ needs but rather they use their in depth knowledge and experience of the market and their customer base to only bring in designs that they have carefully curated and tested within their database. Only items that have received a strong positive response are finally showcased.

In essence the client is also the buyer-they merely deliver what the client has already chosen! Keep yourself updated on their events at

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