Top: Hide and Seek, Acrylic Screenprint.
Bottom: Touching Asia, Acrylic Screenprint

Especially created for PANTONEMYART exhibition;
10 international artists, 10 monochrome colours, 20 artworks. 11 July – 30 Sept 2012 The Gallery, TCC, 51 Upper Circular Rd, Singapore

Following a successful first edition, the refreshing PantoneMyArt conceptual exhibition is back with a second crop of artists who have been brought together in the spirit and natural wonder of colour. Of diverse skills and aesthetics, 10 notable artists have been invited by tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto to create artworks in a predominant Pantone© colour tone of their choice. The remarkable results bring to light the versatility and dynamism of this proprietary colour matching system, loved and used by millions of design and print practices around the world.

PantoneMyArt is a showcase of 10 artists brought to you by tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto. This exhibition aims to involve, engage and invoke the appreciation of art in the buzz of everyday caffè culture; elevating the finer senses of coffee drinking experiences, while further fuelling the growth of Singapore’s colourful arts and culture scene.

The natural, symbiotic relationship between art and colour takes centrestage at the PantoneMyArt concept exhibition in tcc’s Circular Road art boutique for the second year. Bringing together a new crop of 10 exciting artists in the mutual exploration and expression of colour, the exhibition sees each artist present works created predominantly in a Pantone© colour tone of their choice. The remarkable results – in mediums ranging from oil painting to digital art and photography – showcase the dynamism of this well-loved colour matching system.

This year’s carefully curated line-up of artists includes distinguished veterans Loh Khee Yew, Sepi Valeriu and P. Gnana, who bring decades of accomplished practice to the exhibition. Alongside these talented artists will be fresh perspectives brought on by the works of multi media painter Sandra Lee, digital art maven Brian Adams as well as painter Steve Chua. The colourful and vivid creations of Diana Francis and Ketna Patel will no doubt add brilliantly to the mix while the incisive photographs of Stefen Chow and Sir Michael Culme-Seymour will represent the photographic medium at this exhibition for the first time.


Presented by: tcc the connoisseur concerto
In collaboration with:
our editor talk to Ketna Patel

1. Tell us about the work you have created for PantoneMyArt.

Both the works that I have presented for this group show are to do with the current dynamic between India and China. Often, there are latent prejudices between old civilizations that hark at unresolved history.
Using icons like Mao and Gandhi, juxtaposed with other topical references of Buddhism and Tibet, I am attempting to manifest a conversation that tends to get swept under the carpet.
Now that the Global powers are shifting from the West to the East, it is my hope that some tentative prodding and poking at our ‘tensions’ will
help in some small way to dissolve our neighbourly differences so that us Asians can come together and be a strong counter-weight to the long held western-centric world narrative.

2. As an artist, what does the Pantone universe mean to you?

During my student days in Design + Architectural School in London, Pantone was synonymous with everything that represented the opposite of grey skies and dark winters.
We did not have computers with RGB or CYMK colour palettes, so the only way we could introduce emotion and life onto very structured drawings (plans, elevations, cross sections etc)
was through selective slices of pure pantone delight.
In retrospect, I think the Pantone world had a very profound impact on my colour sensibilities. It represented compressed swatches of frozen emotions, and
it also bridged the amorphous space in between the ‘real’ world and the ever increasing ‘virtual’ world, offering me an alternative mindscape for a very different type of story telling.

3. What does ‘Enjoy d’Life’ mean to you?

Life is too short. Live in the present. Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t wear too much black!

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