Singapore’s Elephant Parade

Art the start of 2012, Ketna took part in Singapore’s Elephant Parade . Select artists were given a fiberglass white elephant to convert into an object of art that upon completion would be auctioned by Sotheby’s. The money raised would go towards supporting the protection of the Asian Elephant that is in danger of becoming extinct. ‘We present this elephant in its full strength and glory as a metaphor, embodying the might of “New Asia.” It represents the global shift from West to East with the emergence of the powerful forces of China and India. The elephant has been symbolically split into two halves, each side representing an emerging super-power respectively; Mao and Gandhi, being the two major icons of each of these nations, are seen to be initiating a narrative of the challenges New Asia faces as it marches ahead into dominating the 21st century economy. This elephant embodies an enthusiasm for our New Asia and our modern world and I hope it shall be a very colorful and somewhat thought provoking part of the first ever Asian installation of The Elephant Parade in Singapore.’

Ketna’s entry was also chosen to represent all of the works partaking, and appeared on the cover of the Sotheby’s.

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