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Come and meet Ketna Patel (BRITINDIA’s Visual Arts Cultural Envoy), Hi Ching (Founder of AAAHA: Anglo Asiatic Arts & Heritage Alliance) + Jonathan Reading (man responsible for the Welsh Chapel conversion and more!) @ The Affordable Art Fair, Singapore; Booth 3A-17.
For free entry to any of the following, please tell the entrance desk people that you are Ketna Patel’s guest.
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For the last three years, Ketna has been on ‘nomad’ mode; living out of a suitcase! She has been spending most of her time between U.K (London + Wales), India and Singapore.

Her main focus is ‘IDENTITY’, and how Globalisation is affecting our sociology, in particular the Urban – Rural Divide. She still continues to do what she has always done; combining ‘Art’ and ‘Activism’ (ARTIVISM).  This involves spending many months in retreat, travelling, gathering observations from the world and converting these to new Artworks and ideas.

Art should not be relegated to becoming just an object that is bought at a gallery / fair / auction house.  Its most potent power lies in its direct ‘person to person’ intervention.  In our ‘information age’, the exchange of knowledge and experience from various sources is invaluable, and in our opinion, the most vital way of inducing awareness + change.


Britain’s national identity is in a state of flux. How are its immigrant sub cultures changing what it means to be British? What are their stories? How have they influenced their surroundings? What do their homes and work spaces look like? What are their thoughts? What do they eat? What songs do they sing? What can we learn from each other?

To explore this very important conversation, Ketna Patel is transforming a vintage Silver Shadow Rolls Royce into a mobile Art laboratory which will travel through immigrant Britain from May  – Oct 2017. Using actual encounters and contributions from the public, she will document and archive her findings using photography, film, music and words. These will be broadcast on the South East Asian festival’s social media platforms (, and also on the Artist’s website and facebook page. The findings will culminate in a multi media exhibition in 2017.

If you would like to be part of this expansive project, the following are ways you can contribute:

If you are a first, second or third generation immigrant living in Britain, think you have an interesting story and would like to be interviewed, please email us on, or call us on UK tel: 07982654310
We welcome photographs / stories that speaks of your transition to this country.

Here are some preview snapshots of the made-over Rolls Royce in progress:

RR work in progress combo

INDIA 2016:

Ketna Patel Studio co-organized / co-curated an Art-ivism collaboration with a special project called SHOP ART this year.

This Art project was an investigation about the increasing disparity between the rural and urban. This topic is a universal phenomenon, and Gunehar in Himachal Pradesh was the context for this particular case study.

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img_1260small img_1255small img_1250small img_1238-small

For all other artwork enquires, please email

Our Production continues to be in Singapore, and limited edition prints can be sent everywhere in the world from here.

Mad Men pastel flat

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Mobile:  +44(0)7982654310 (UK), +6592469258 (Singapore)

To read comments on Ketna’s art – please click here

Ketna Patel is a typical example of globalization. To date, she has lived in three different continents; Africa, Europe and Asia, each more than a decade. No wonder then that her work threads through many realms. Her personal experiences, cultural immigration, observations of popular and high culture, the juxtaposition of external, material worlds on top of inner bewilderment……. To reflect the world, and her part in it, Ketna’s works are usually not minimal affairs.

The intellectual / academic world, for her is limiting, and, in her opinion, has too often been used to justify or substantiate recent artistic expression, including architecture. Man does not live by decree or ideology, but by his or her own sense of purpose. The mass consciousness that belongs to the whole planet is emotive in its outset. First worlds misunderstand third worlds, and the wrath and the insecurity of the latter manifests itself in twisted episodes of contemporary life. More than ever, the world is busy, noisy, and explosive. There is heat in our bodies, from unexpressed words, to heat above us in the skies, from too much synthetic energy.

Ongoing Longterm Project: Planet Pop

  • What is the relationship between art and mass culture?
  • Explore the shift from Art to Advertising as the largest stimuli for collective visual conditioning
  • Understand / explore further the consequences of social and economic differences between the first and third worlds today
  • Build communication bridges between cultures by showcasing everyday, ordinary life as opposed to stereotypes perpetuated by media
  • By validating and celebrating the individual, versus ‘the hive’
  • Prodding and poking the consequences of a world run by corporations
  • Breaking the mould of how ‘contemporary art’ is presented, viewed, appreciated and criticised today
  • Treating contemporary lifestyle as an organic art-form in itself
  • Collecting & collating various voices on the subject of alternative definitions of art… Encourage multiple readings / multiple associations of art expression
  • Often today, the value of Art is made up almost solely from clever marketing…… How do you feel about this?

“I hope to amalgamate some of the above by re – presenting cultural information using alternative communication devices, and by blurring the lines between Art, Lifestyle, Marketing and Design. For example, a pop art café can take on more than just offering a variety of coffee. It can become a live installation where an individual is encouraged to bring to the fore his / her subconscious mind. Firstly by being attracted to the art object, then using it, and eventually having a rapport with it. One can access another’s opinions via utilitarian ‘art’. This can be done by sitting on it, wearing it, drinking from it, eating from it, reading it, writing it, looking at it, hearing it, etc. One person can start a sentence, and the other can finish it. I, like many others, wish to take ‘Art’ out of its traditional context of gallery / museum and bring it into everyday life. Hence the magnifying glass on popular culture.

Jonathan Reading and I run an independent Artists Studio with specific goals to promote dialogue between the third and first worlds using traditional and not so traditional channels of Art-communication. We are currently working with dancers, musicians, writers etc, so ART here is not just the visual only. If you are interested in what we do, or are thinking similarly, we welcome opportunities for collaboration / representation. Or we can join you in what you are doing!”

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  1. I’m an independent Designer, running my own studio with my wife (who’s also a designer) as well as working for a retail brand full time. I’m very excited to see your work and this kind of Indian pop art always fascinates me. I like doing extensive research work going in villages and the places where art originates. I wish to bring the art and design in everyday life each individual from the depth of India. My mind think in the form of vibrant colors and deep culture India has.
    ..But feel a kind of suffocated as I cant find the way to do it..

  2. Hi Ketna,

    This is Ravi from North India, Chandigarh. I am a big fan of your contemporary art, Got to know about your art through a magazines cover page, Since then following all your artwork. We have recently started our business in Singapore but back office is in India, So working from here, But visit Singapore frequently, Kindly provide your studio address, really want to visit your gallery when I am in Singapore next time.

    Thanks. All the best for your great art.


  3. Hi! I was born in Dsm, Tanzania, lived in India and the USA, and am presently in Denmark. I paint as a hobby – mixed media, kitsch art. My visual world is vibrant and full of color. I absolutely love your artwork. Do you give any workshops? I would love to attend any courses or workshops you give. I am giving in my first small artwork for an exhibition organised by the local council here, and my stomach is full of butterflies!

  4. Hello Ketna,

    You may have to jog your memory quite a bit. We were at Visa Oshwal Primary School yonks ago (upto the late 70’s). We went to Kenya High School, where you left after abit.
    I have been spending the last few weeks trying to reconnect with my past etc.
    Hope you are keeping well, and all the best.
    (You kept your original name! – good. I didn’t)
    Are you in contact with any of the old classmates?
    Nice work, I like the idea of your approach to art etc.

  5. Dear Ketna,

    I have loved much of the crazy stuff I have just read on this page!
    Sweet memories come back. I miss you, Jonathan, your gallery in Singapore, Georges…
    I will come one day to say hi in London…
    Much love from Papua New Guinea, all the best!


  6. Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding style. Audacity, a lot more audacity and always audacity. by Georges Jacques Danton. daegakbeckea

  7. Ketna – I see you are doing well and creative as ever! My name is Rodney Gardner and last crossed paths in Singapore – your art now hangs on my wall
    in addition to 2 of your chairs in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.

    Be Well,

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